Thursday, December 20, 2012

Porcelain Doll Repaired

Young granddaughter was showing me
her room.  Her bookshelf is filled with
 favorite books for her, all having stories 
that generate conversation between us.
 I'm impressed with the American Girl series,
being read by her generation 
of young ladies. 

Broken, porcelain, Victorian doll was
lying on her bookshelf  and I noticed.
I posted on her a while back. It was 
then you could see that her leg was broken completely 
off, and a tear releasing stuffing, was on her arm. 
 "Oh my, would you like
me to repair your doll?" She was
so sweetly in agreement, and I promised
to do so.  
Repaired, porcelain
Victorian doll 
will be at the top of her
stocking on Christmas morning.
I've made her a pretty red dress
with tiny blue flowers.  The pattern
came from a five year old child's mind.
I was that five year old, and I designed
this simple styled dress for my dolls, every so
long ago.
To complete her outfit, she has
"tiny scrap rag bows" around her
tiny ankles.
She is quite lovely lying among
piles of Christmas ribbons....there
to stay until Christmas eve.
 I'm thinking she will have a special
place of honor in young 
granddaughter's bedroom and a newly
acquired place in her little girl heart.

Have a blessed day, everyone!  Dee Dee