Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas On Honeymoon Island

The weather has changed and
just in time for Christmas. We 
were blessed today with beautiful 
sunshine and cold winter breezes.
Having donned our jackets
 and scarves, the
Mister and I drove out to 
 Honeymoon Island.
I wanted to see how "Mother Nature" 
had decorated the island for Christmas.
Winter on the island is quite beautiful
in so many ways.  
I noticed the evergreen trees today,
more than ever before.
One hour before sunset, the lighting
made for some very pretty images.

Palm trees grow all over the 
 island. Fortunately for me, 
groupings of evergreens grow
there as well.
I love the combination 
pine and cedar trees.

Strong winds blowing......made
for rattling palm fronds and
bushy pine needles swaying 
back and forth in perfect unison.

I wonder how long this cedar
tree has withstood the hot
Florida sun, the salt water 
breezes and hurricanes. It is
a grand ole' survivor, indeed.

"Oh Christmas tree,
how lovely are your branches."

I brought home a few stems
of cedar....placed them in a glass jar
tied about with a rag bow. The fragrance is
delightful and I'm quite pleased.
Mother Nature, it seems, is
quite remarkable!  

Warm Winter Blessings.....Dee Dee
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