Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our New Camera

Images, found on my desk, and taken
with our new camera......

It arrived today. 
 Had we not been expecting a package,
all might have led to disaster. The Postman had placed
our Christmas gift to one another, outside the
cottage door, in a cold, winter, blowing rain. 
It was,  thankfully, seen and rescued by the Mister, 
just in a nick of time.
Nothing, however, 
could or would deter our joy at the
arrival of our new camera.  We opened
the box together, the Mister more anxious than me.
He had been, after all, the one to shop online
for a camera.....and he will be the one to
study and learn about all the 
"bells and whistles."

 Wishing you happiness!  Dee Dee