Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Cottage Christmas Tree

The Mister and I called today
a "free day." December's calendar
has  few vacant spaces, and 
finding one today, signaled us to put the
Christmas tree up and decorate 
the cottage. 

The month is moving
along at "break neck" speed. 
Our Christmas parties have taken 
place, and two performances by
our church choir are completed. All
has gone extremely well, leaving
me with heart felt satisfaction. Having
so many choir rehearsals I'm still hearing
the words to "2000 Decembers Ago" in my
head. Have you heard it?  The 
music is beautiful and I'm certain our
Lord enjoyed the performance by
our hard working choir. 
The Christmas tree was fun to do.
I have burlap beneath the
tree. The word "Believe" is
written in red all over the fabric.
I've used a red and cream gingham
like fabric to make a large 
raggedy bow for the top of the
tree. My colors are various shades of red, 
greens and browns. I've selected wrapping
paper to correspond. 
In more recent years, my trees have
been more formal, while using white,
gold and glittering ornaments.
This tree has taken us back in time,
just a us that warm 
cozy feeling of days gone by.
I'm glad you stopped by......

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone! Dee Dee