Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Cottage Poinsettias

While placing the Poinsettias around
the cottage, I signed a little, showing
symptoms of contentment and 
complete satisfaction.
The Mister and I had promised to
buy our Poinsettias each year from the
same old gentleman.  We found him in
the same location surrounded by
hundreds of his prized 
Poinsettias.  They seemed more
beautiful than ever.....he truly is
gifted as a "grower."

We strolled around in the 
"magical flower wonderland".....
eventually deciding on large pots
with a variety of colors.
The red and white, we selected
for our living room.  Shown here,
you can see it is quite exceptional.

The pink, red,
and white arrangement
was placed on a table in our
family room.

This  just about completes our
Christmas decorating.
Now....I've got some serious
gift wrapping to do!

I'm glad you stopped by.
Have a sweet ole' day.....Dee Dee