Monday, July 11, 2011

"King Of The Barnyard"

My Kinda Rooster!

With my pencils and watercolors....
so funny how this happened to be  on my paper
this Sunday afternoon.
Haven't heard a rooster crow, or
seen one of these fellows in a long while.
Having once lived on a farm in Pennsylvania,
I suppose I'll  never forget the goodness
of country living....
livestock,  farm animals and raising our own foods.
While drawing this proud ole rooster,
 I thought of  the whole concept  of raising prized chickens,
fancy "take to the county fair" chickens!
How nice would it be to gather wholesome 
fresh farm eggs? Very nice, I believe.
I would like to have my very own  
"king of the barnyard".....with his duties  to awaken everyone
in the household, getting  things started early of a morning.
Not sure the Mister would go along with my near impossible
"flight of fancy"......
Everyone have a great week!  Dee Dee
click twice on the rooster to enlarge