Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pencils and Watercolors....More Fruit

A banana plant with starchy
greenish fruit.....
soooo delicious peeled, then sauteed in a little oil
with a bit of condensed milk and cinnamon.
You will likely find them served along side
good Cuban foods, here in Florida.
Believe it or not, 
a favorite in our family........
"Pineapple Sandwiches"
Simply made .....
White bread with mayonnaise
and fresh sliced sweet pineapple.
Serve with large glass of milk,
and plenty of napkins.
Note:   kid-friendly lunch.
Finished series of small paintings
for the kitchen. I'll place them in
black frames.
This has been fun.....feels good to
be holding a paint brush again.
Have a blessed weekend everyone.....Dee Dee