Friday, July 8, 2011

Pencils and Watercolors

This was really fun. 
 It's been a while since I brought
out the watercolors and pencils.
Here, I've painted  
a dish of delicious Florida kumquats.....
still in learning process, most definitely
painted  Dee Dee style.
I'm thinking I'll frame this one, 
and perhaps it will  
 find it's way to a wall in my kitchen.
Love the colors, and feel satisfied with
my humble efforts.
My mind is twirling with other ideas.......
 this will be the first in a
series of paintings.  Florida, after all, has
lots of good  fruits.  I'm thinking  pineapple,
and perhaps bananas my next paintings.
Enjoying these moments.
Have a blessed day.......Dee Dee