Sunday, July 17, 2011

"To Us And Good Times!"

Somehow, things we become accustomed to,
are a bit more special when sharing with
sweet family visiting  from out-of-state.
Frenchy's Rockaway Grill, is a favorite
place for us, informal dining,  and a great
just hang out and visit kind of place.....
Requesting outdoor seating, we
made our way through the crowded
 beach restaurant, packed
with folks loudly celebrating 
 "the weekend is finally here!!!" 
Their enthusiasm was contagious, and besides,
we had something to celebrate as well.
Seated at our table outside, on the beach,
we were thankful for the
 umbrella shielding us from the
 hot Florida sun.
In a short time, we wondered at our 
 reasoning for
our outdoor seating request.
"May I get your drink order now?" requested our waiter.
"4 Large waters with lime, please!"
Noticeably, the heat index was rocking on intolerable.
Was it worth our discomfort, to have 
tropical  ambiance created by the
swaying palm fronds, white sandy beaches overlooking
the Gulf of Mexico and the occasional
squawk of the sea gulls? 
"Grouper sounds you want appetizers?"
We dismissed the thoughts of heat discomfort, 
 as we began doing what
it is families do when they haven't been together
for a while.  We talked non-stop, laughed a lot,
took photos.......and dined on some really good food.
"Waiter, more water please!"
"To us, and good times!"
Feeling greatly blessed this evening......Dee Dee