Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slow Down.....

A few of my hanging baskets have
fallen by the wayside, unable to
handle the heat extremes. 
Thankfully, the pink Portulaca is thriving.
Perhaps the opening and closing of the
blooms each day, just might play an important
role in survival.
Growing in abundance,
these potted  purple plants survive
as well.  Renewal each spring, they
bloom all summer long. They have an odd
ritual of blooming and shedding each day.

In this quiet place, on this day, all
seemed well with my soul....
Don't let yourself get so busy that
you miss those little but important
extras in life.  The beauty of a day
....the smile of a friend...
the serenity of a quiet moment alone.
For it is often life's smallest pleasures
and gentlest joys that make the
biggest and most lasting difference.
Source....Whispers Of Blessing
Have a wonderful weekend.....Dee Dee