Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Newly Planted Bougainvillea


Crape Mrytle Bush
A while back, the fence in this portion of the garden,
was covered with a beautiful Mandevilla like this......

Then,  we had bitter cold weather here in
Florida, lasting several days,
and my beautiful vining plant,
was no longer.  I tried again and
again, planting new Mandevilla and
 for some reason
they no longer grew in this location.
We've since,  planted a variety of plants
in that area....a lovely Crape Myrtle bush,
and various other small plants.  Still,
not satisfied, I was missing the colorful vine
that once covered  the fence.
This year we planted a fuchsia colored 
 Bougainvillea and it is thriving. 
Seemingly it's a fast grower,
perhaps helped along by all the rain
 we've been having.
Hopefully it will cover
the fence in no time at all,  and, add lots of color.
I'm really enjoying the summer garden......Dee Dee