Saturday, June 9, 2012


When we left for vacation, recently,
I left my potted flowers at our
daughters home.  She volunteered
to water and care for them, and I
thankfully allowed her to do so. I
asked  if she minded my leaving the
Coleus I was rooting, in her kitchen
window. Her response had been
an eager and happy yes!  They've
remained there every since, her claiming
ownership. I will help her pot them soon.
Maybe in an old "Grandmother's tradition.

My Grandmother would be
pleased......with both of us.
I've written before of  her
kitchen windows, lined
with exceptionally beautiful Coleus. 
 She "pinched and rooted" them
in canning jars of water.
When heavily rooted, she
planted them in bright and shiny
 tin cans. The cans had once held
 Hunt's finest sweet  peaches.
Grandmother would tear the label off
the cans, punch
a couple of drainage holes, place a few
pebbles on the bottom and fill the
new "tin pots"
with plain ole' garden soil.
She must have given them a pinch of
fertilizer now and then, for
 Grandmothers Coleus's
could have easily been
county fair blue ribbon winners.
They were greatly
admired by all, and
the talk of our large family.

Count The Good Things
When we start to count flowers
we cease to count weeds;
When we start to count blessings,
we cease to count needs;
When we start to count laughter,
we cease to count tears;
When we start to count memories;
we cease to count years.~unknown

Have a beautiful day......Dee Dee