Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Lavender Myrtle Showing Off......

Just look at all the "Myrtle" buds.....
It happens each June
and I covet each and
every day we have gorgeous
lavender Crape Myrtle
blooms in our garden.
Prettiest things I've ever seen.

I took this shot leaning
over and peeking through
the Philodendron leaves....

Is it just me, or do you
find these colors the ultimate
in femininity?  The blooms are
so delicate and lacey.....I'm
thinking a few stems of these,
placed in a crystal vase,
might be real pretty
for  the cottage.
Think on this...
We complicate our lives when we
borrow trouble from the future....
We miss the precious gift of peace
that God has given us right here, right
now, in this tiny present moment
that touches eternity. Be like the
wildflowers....simply soaking up
today's sunshine. ~Ellyn Sanna

Have a beautiful day!.....Dee Dee
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