Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Garden Images

It was such a beautiful day.
As usual I'm out poking around
the garden, examining all the
flowers....looking for tiny little
buds or new blooms.
These sweet pink  Periwinkles come up
along side the Desert Rose each
summer and I always look forward
to seeing them.
And, of course I
get up close and personal
and take a few  photos.
The Desert Rose is as  pretty
as can be this year.  Across the
way, you might see one of the
first blooms on the Crape Myrtle tree.
All the Crape Myrtle's have
bunches of buds that will be
opening real soon.

I think a Cardinal has a nest somewhere
in the garden.  Each time I walk outside,
I hear her first of all and then I see her
on the fence.
  She was there today, 
and so was her friend the Mockingbird.
The Cardinal flew away and the
Mockingbird stood looking at me
with a puzzled expression on it's face.
Lot's of these birds in our garden.
I can see why it is Florida's state bird.
Thought you might like 
a closer look at that little facial

Asking God today to prepare
my heart to recognize His
bountiful blessings in unexpected
Have a wonderful day!  Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge