Thursday, June 14, 2012

The "Island" Today....

Hanging out at the north beach
today, was a good thing in
every way.
Look closely out in the
Gulf waters and you will
 see the fin of a shark.....
.....beneath the bend in the
Sea Grape branch.
 The beach has been
experiencing corrosion
for quite a while now,
so I am very careful where
I are beach
grasses, rocks and shells,
all lying together. 

 I think beautiful.....
and I actually like what nature's
done to this portion of the island.
The waves have always
been coming and
going and what will be
will be....
Here is
a "beach lizard"
that slithered  down a
dead tree limb,
and struck a pose.
Just as I took the photo
it puffed me
his best look.
My favorite thing to do on
the island....
"Cruise For Birds"
......and we know a few places
they hang out in the late
The rain has created shallow
pools of water in the willows
and there we found this fine
ole'  Egret socializing with
some of the
island's  Sea Gulls.
I stood watching for a while
as the Gulls came in groups,
splashed in the waters and
flew away. The Egret seemed
to enjoy their shinanigans.
I did too.....
Have a beautiful day, everyone......Dee Dee
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