Sunday, June 10, 2012

God's Special Offer

I walked in the garden just
moments after the rain
subsided and the sun
shined through the clouds
and onto the flowers....
I loved what you see here....
The birdbath filled with
water and petals from a
basket of Periwinkles
spread on the pretty.
A few days of rain, and
our garden is thriving.
My Geraniums all have
 shot out new stems,
 promising more
beautiful blooms....
the Snow bushes are
so beautiful...the pink color
becoming more apparent
as they produce new leaves.

Looks like we set this Mandevilla
out at the perfect time.  All those
nutrients in the rain will cause it
to grow much faster.  I want it
to cover a good area of the fence
by summer's end.
So...think of this.......
This bright new day, complete
with 24 hours of opportunities,
choices and attitudes comes with
a perfectly matched set of l,440
minutes.  This unique gift, this
one day, cannot be exchanged,
replaced, or refunded.  Handle with
care.  Make the most of it. There is
only one per customer!
~Whispers of Blessing

Have a beautiful Lord's Day! Dee Dee