Friday, June 22, 2012

"This Book Is A Gem"

I spent the morning and much
of the afternoon  tidying up the
cottage. Linen changes, laundry
and dusting, food preparation......
all necessary chores
were completed by noon.
With rain in the forecast, my
efforts for rainy-day relaxation
included some serious reading,
in my treasured book.... found
in our  library bookstore.
While searching the bookshelves,
Heaven in the title and
South Carolina caught my
attention. Having lived in
South Carolina for a number of
years, I too consider it a
"little bit of heaven."

"Heaven Is A Beautiful Place"
A Memoir of
The South Carolina Coast
by Genevieve C. Peterkin
In this intimate and moving
and sorrowful and funny account
of the century just past, we have a
remarkable window on the way the
world used to work; with love and
tenacity and grit and patience and,
again and always again, love.
"The book is a gem."(review)
l3  rave reviews on Amazon....all 5 stars.

Written in conversation with
William P. Baldwin
"........this book is "about striving
to serve the common good and
about loving people and losing
the people you love."
This is a book about surviving, and
enduring, and finding the joy at
the center of creation, finding that,
indeed, heaven is a beautiful place.
Can't wait to get started!

Sweet blessings for all.....Dee Dee