Monday, June 11, 2012

Mighty Pretty

I'm lovin' so many shades
of pink.....and their's
so much going on in this portion
of the garden.  Quite clearly seen
is the tall Crape Myrtle in the center
of the photo....a wonderfully  full Nandina
on the left, and to the right a rather apparent
Cordyline plant. Behind the Myrtle
grows a large Philadendron ....a large
leaf is seen at the bottom left of the
pink spiky Cordyline.
Look closely at the  top of the Cordyline
plant, and you'll see Banana Palm fronds.
That's the way things grow in Florida's
tropical climate,  with just a few days
of rain, sunshine and humidity.
I continue to be amazed and pleased
with our small productive garden.

Have a beautiful day, everyone! Dee Dee
click on photo to enlarge