Monday, August 15, 2011

Embroidered White Linen

Thought for the day.....
It is impossible to mentally or socially
enslave a Bible-reading people.
~Horace Greeley
so.....hold fast to the Truth,
trusting God is in control.

Hmmm...found: photo of sweet ole
white and embroidered linen ...displayed in
shabby iron basket.
I shall always, I suppose, cling to my liking
of fine white linen and lace.  For a while, I found them
irresistible and accumulated quite a collection.
 I displayed them on
anything and everything (note photo seen here).
  My tables were adorned with fine
white cotton table runners,
my table cloths the finest linen 
..... my bedding having
lovely white cotton, linen and lace.
Ever so gradually,  I've  introduced bits of color
into our cottage decor.....begrudgingly  forcing  change.
Never mind.....they are no further away than the
drawers of the linen armoire. Always stylish
in my mind, they will again be happily displayed.
Have a blessed week.....Dee Dee