Friday, August 26, 2011

From A Lovely Garden


Although mid summer here in Florida,
this gardener has been faithful in
caring for these lovely flowers.....

She has transformed a small area into
a garden paradise........

Just goes to show you, makes no difference
 the space.   Preparation of  the soil,
proper use of plant food and water
and  there you have it.....a beautiful flower garden.
My good fortune, was to meet  the gardener one day.
I asked  permission to take photos. 
Not surprising, she was a lovely person and most
eager to oblige me.
Thoughts this evening......
Saying prayers for those in the path of that hurricane.
"Lord, please turn the storm out to sea and keep
the folks along the coast safe and out of harms way." Amen....
Blessings on you all.......Dee Dee