Monday, August 22, 2011

Sheltered Beneath The Robellini Palm

Sweet and delicate pale pink Periwinkle,
potted and placed beneath a Robellini Palm,
 found safe haven from the hot Florida sun all summer long.
Filtered light and lots of glorious rain
 enabled me to sit back and
enjoy,  with no effort on my behalf.
One of my favorite colors, the roots of this
plant are buried deep in the pot.  Late spring they poke
out of the soil and bloom all summer long.
The palm fronds of the Robellini are just the right distance
away, offering filtered sunshine and rain.
We've been blessed this summer.  Thus far, no hurricanes...just
good old thunder and  lightening rain storms.  We had one late
yesterday afternoon.  The temps were in the mid 90s, the
winds began to blow, and the clouds rolled in. What seemed
like a squall,  happened for a few short minutes and
the temperature dropped down to 76 degrees.
Afterwards, the skies cleared  and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the east. 
I took it as a sign that God was giving us temporary relief
from the dreaded heat, and a sweet promise of soon to come cooler weather.
I sure hope so.....
Have a beautiful week.....Dee Dee
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