Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Soon Seasonal Change

Have we all tired of summer?
Never mind the pool waters.
They have been warmed by the
sun's rays and offer little refreshment.
I listen for the bird songs of a morning,
and they are different by some means.
I remember the Cardinals courtship,
a nesting mother's scolding and warnings.
An empty nest now,
I will look for them in the spring.

A late summer bloom of a sunflower
points toward a soon seasonal change.
The four o'clocks
in the garden,  are going to seed,
small black balls are scattered on
the walk in the courtyard.
Watering and trimming, I coax them,
 gently urging them bloom
 a while longer.
 I too have an awareness 
and an almost eagerness
for  summer's end.
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee