Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Cards And Crafts

I know what your thinking....Fall cards and crafts?
The weather still says summer but before long
 cooler weather will be here.
I for one wish to celebrate when that happens.
Friends and family will receive well wishes
from me in form of cards and something...
for the occasion.... hand made by me.
The fabric I'll be using is recycled from
an old pair of slacks.  Good sturdy khaki perfect.  I learned this
little bit of wisdom from a home-school
blog.  This lady visits thrift shops and
buys quality fabrics, and remakes
clothing for herself and her children.
Now, I'm not so clever as that, but I
have found crafty fabrics
 in my own closet using older
out-of-style clothing.
All is ready for my craft.....bits of felt, Velcro,
and squares of khaki fabric.
Cutouts and card stock....ready.
This is going to be fun.....however,
the real fun is seeing happy children faces
and knowing I've brought a little pleasure
to those I love.
My efforts will be shown on another post soon.
Have a blessed weekend......Dee Dee