Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nature and Discovery.....

We were at one of Florida's beautiful
natural lakes yesterday, and while I was
taking  photos of very photogenic wild ducks,
the Mister was discovering some pretty interesting things.
Attached to the small pier, just above the lake water's edge,
he found tiny pink eggs.
"Hmmm, wonder who these belong to....."
Close by on the ground, and  near the eggs we saw this rather
large shell.  After doing some  research,
I found the eggs and the shell  belonged to
 the Florida Apple Snail. 
It seems the snail lays her eggs just above
the water line, in order for the tiny snails to
easily access the water once they are born.
Fascinating, don't you think?  Lots of things
in nature worth taking a closer look at.
Enjoying the moments, especially.....Dee Dee
Click twice on eggs to enlarge...