Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ferns and Plants Love Rain....

Small potted plant, bought in it's entirety
at first of summer. All the plants were
freshly planted and small then.
Sweet rain has made them thrive.
I noticed the fern this morning.
Looked like it had a smile
on it's face.
Placed by the front door earlier
this summer, all the plants have been
getting lots and lots of rain....
glorious nutrient filled rain.
Now and then I've had
to supplement with spigot water,
but mostly they've relied on
Mother Nature.
The fern  has doubled in size.
Notice behind the fern
the Hawaiian pink and purple Ty plants,
and bits of Crotons showing.

Lovin' the greens and color together.
Click twice on photos to pretty.
Have a blessed week-end.....Dee Dee