Saturday, September 3, 2011

Apples, The Way They Should Be

Wishing I were
in upstate New York,
in her kitchen..... peeling the
forty pounds of apples,
given to her  by church family
and friends.  That's what it's
all about in a small community.
Today has been  set aside for
 making apple butter.
The photo came to me,  via the
Internet, and made my heart
just as happy as could be.

"These are what I'm
talking about, Mom."
I thought to myself,
  "apples, the
way they should be...
different sizes, bits of imperfection
all varieties and colors...."
Bite into any one  of these and you
might  find sweet and juicy,
or tart and sweet.....delicious!
Some of these will be nicely canned
for winter apple pies and others  for the best
ever applesauce.
Sigh.....remembering aprons,
colanders with  peelings and cores,
scalded Bell jars,
 apple pies with good ole flaky crust
and, once upon a time, climbing apple trees.
......Dee Dee