Monday, September 26, 2011

"They Call Me Big Mike"

"They call these here fish mullet.
Cook  them just right
 and they taste  as
good as grouper." 

"Now this is a nice Flounder!"
"They call me "Big Mike" and
I've been liven'  round  these parts
all my life. I know a little bit 
 about everything.
Do you know the city tried to charge
folks for fishing on this here pier?
Mr Weaver left this property for us.
I called old Mr Weaver's folks,
 and they put a stop to charging us.
 Magin'  that, trying
to get money out of poor people.
I comes out here and catches a few
fish and sells 'em  to my neighbors,
just to make a little money now
and then. I gots to git enough
money today to pay for my prescription.
Just need  $l7.00 more and I can
go to the drug store and buy it."
Big Mike had been out on that hot
pier for almost 4 hours when we
came along.  The Mister asked about
the bait he was using and that opened
up  conversation and  a time for
getting to know a whole lot about him. 
"What's the biggest fish story you
can tell me Mike?" asked the Mister.
"Shoot, I caught an eighty-five
pound mackerel off this pier
not long ago.  Took me forty five
minutes to land it.  He was jumping
clean out the water and 
swooshing his tail."
"Now,...that was some more fish."
The Mister and I would comment later
on Mike's smile and
how his  eyes twinkled when he talked.
We had made a new friend, and
stayed out on the pier a nice long
while listening to his stories.
"We'll get on home now," said the Mister.
"Can't say that we need any fish today Mike,
but here's a few dollars to help pay
for that prescription. You take care now."
Feeling happy and blessed......Dee Dee