Thursday, September 22, 2011

My beloved mountains.....

.......have been taking up a lot of
thought space in my mind lately.
"You can take the girl out of
the mountains, but you can't take
the mountains out of the girl"
.....or something like that.
Each year about
this time, I begin  talking to the Mister
about our annual trip to
North Carolina and my home town.
 This year, I'm more excited than ever.
Can't wait to feel the mountain
breezes on my face, and walk
through piles of colored leaves.
Seems when I return to my
homeland, I find renewal, rebirth
and rejuvenation.
I suppose it comes from being
with family, saying and
hearing out loud,
the names of loved ones
no longer with us,
swapping stories and sharing
so called legends.
In short, it's just plain ole fun.
This quirky little painting
motivated by my feelings today.
Hope your having a good week.....Dee Dee