Thursday, September 15, 2011

In My Wildest Dreams....

Painting by Stephen Darbishire
"Teatime at Hill Top"
Images that bring about  all sorts
of  lovely thoughts of Beatrix...
"It would be very nice to
sit with you  Ms Potter and listen
to stories, 
about your  
little friends."

"Yes, I would love
to have tea  at your table,
here by the fire."
"What's that you say?'ve made
shortbread that is  still
warm from the oven?"
"Would I like mine served 
with delicious  lemon curd?"
"I would are
much to generous and kind."

"I would love to take a
walk about your beautiful 
farm house
and may I, or would you mind
terribly if I take a  peek at
your paints and drawings?"
In my wildest dreams.....!
Enjoying these
sweet imaginative
moments.....Dee Dee