Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gardening.....A Labor Of Love

Heliconia Plants
Once upon a time we had a nice bed
of these in the garden.  In no time at
all that were out of control spreading
into areas not wanted. We dug them up
and replanted with something less invasive.
Similar to the Bird Of Paradise plant,
and  so beautiful.....we've decided
to try them again, preparing
a controlled area for replanting the
Heliconia plants.
Through the years, I've posted on the
Crotons growing in our garden, more
times then I can count.
I suppose they are some of
my favorites when it comes to
landscaping here in this
tropical climate.  They
are colorful and hardy plants.
The photos seen here, were
taken a couple of years back
and you can see how vibrant
the Croton colors were then, and
 and the time  was mid winter. Since that
time, we've had some cold
winters and the Crotons have
been fair to looking
a bit cloudy.
So, the Mister and I are off
to the flower nurseries tomorrow,
 looking for these young
 colorful  plants to place
in designated garden areas.
This gardening thing is an
on-going ritual....
a labor of love,
and well
worth all the effort.
Have a blessed weekend.....Dee Dee