Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold Florida Sky At Sunset

When the Mister called....
"Come and look at this beautiful sunset."
I came quickly, rushing back for my camera and
took a few shots.
 I captured "beauty" in all it's winter skies splendor,
 as the sun was setting over the trees.
The skies ever changing, this is the view
from my front door.
I know so little of how to use my photo program,
but as you can see, I an discovering all sorts of
wonderful things to enhance my photos.
I managed to do something quite fascinating...almost
silhouette like. The palm fronds from my
Robellini Palm that grows just outside the door.....
were blowing back and forth, just enough to get into my view.
In my composition, are a variety of trees.
A lone Norfolk Island Pine is seen
towering above  the houses in our neighborhood.
In the center of my photo,  is a tall
Pine tree, that is frequented by Florida's many birds.
I've seen flocks of White Ibis, on occasion,
 settle in the highest branches.
The massive  tree to the right, completely
bare of it's leaves this time of year, is an Earpod tree.
Those of you familiar
 with the Mimosa tree that grows  in the south.....
this tree blooms in the spring and it's  leaves are
very much like the Mimosa tree.
So, a beautiful end to a  cold winter's day....
Staying warm, hope you are too....
Loving all that He created......Dee Dee