Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nature Sharing Her Miracles.....

Our good friends  live on a beautiful natural
lake, near Lutz Florida,  just a short drive from our home.
They had invited us up for the day, and we were so looking
forward to our visit and  spending time together.
We had visited their home before, and knew of the amazing
scenery  they awakened to each morning.
The lake so gorgeous, I brought along
the Mister's new camera. 
What we would see, were scenic views
that  I wanted lasting memories of.
Shortly after our arrival at their lovely home, we
set out to walk around the grounds and look
for wildlife.
Words cannot even describe how beautiful the day was,
and the photo opportunities I had. 
The weather, light jacket fabulous, was perfect
for our walk and photo taking.
The Blue Heron, White Ibis and White Egret
were all within a few feet of me, as my camera clicked
at maximum photo speed.
I hope you enjoy my efforts of trying to capture
nature sharing her miracles on what seemed
like a most perfectly magical day.
Blessings....Dee Dee
double click on all photos....