Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping For Warmer Clothing? Just Maybe....

Thirty-nine degrees!!
The house was cold when we
awakened this morning....early.  We turned
that thermostat up a little, needing warmth, so's to
dress for church without shivering. Good hot
coffee seemed even better somehow.
The Mister wore a sweater vest beneath
 his tweed sport coat. He looked real nice and I
know he was warm.  With my winter suit , and  that
bulky warm scarf wrapped around my neck, I was
ready for frigid weather.
 Maybe not frigid, just colder than usual weather.
The conversation was the same
with just about everyone we spoke to today.......
they all mentioned  the cold weather.
I overheard someone say,   
 "If it drops below 70 degrees, it's too cold for me." 
I've been thinking, if Florida's
weather continues cold, I just
might shop for warmer
clothing.  A few more warm scarves, and a nice
  sweater with a "cowel-neck
collar".... whatever happened
to "mufflers".....when did they go out of style?
I could have used one of those this morning.
Even so, I'm enjoying winter, and hope you are too.
Stay warm family and friends......Dee Dee