Friday, January 21, 2011

Resplendent, Magnificent, Delightful, Wonderful CAMELLIA Bloom



For weeks, I have been waiting and watching for the first
Camellia blooms.  The plant has hundreds of buds, that
had seemingly at one time become dormant.  During
the colder temps, they remained small, as if  they had
received natural signals that now is not the time to grow. 
It was as if they could read the weather signs and
heeded the warnings.  We've had several days of gloriously
beautiful sunshine, coaxing the Camellia along
and then announcing  a time to be born.
Yesterday, while raking and tidying up around the garden,
I ventured between the fence, and behind the giant
Birds of Paradise plants.  Surveying the plants from the back
side was new and  magical to me. As the Mister was warning
of critters to be aware of, it was then  I noticed the
Camellia bloom, growing close to the ground, almost hidden from view.
 Oh my, what a beautiful sighting. The sun was shining through the
taller plants, letting just the right amount through to encourage
the growth and  bloom of the Camellia bud. 
 I went for the camera, of course, and spent
a while in discovery of all that was perfection in this
amazing part of His creation.  You can see some of my
efforts made, so that I might look again another day, and recall
the time and place where nature showed off for me
.......that sweet moment in time.
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee