Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"When A Lady Needs A Hanky"

Pencils and Watercolors
and all that is gloriously fun with photo programs.
I continue to enjoy drawing and painting young ladies
from the 40s period. I  suppose it has something to
do with all those old  movie star magazines
I read in my teens, and those great old movies
we set up late to watch  on Friday nights.
I loved the fashions the starlets wore then
and yet still compared to fashions today.
It seems to me, that back then  
a lady was particular with her
wardrobe beginning at the top
of her head......fabulous hats,
elaborate and gorgeous dresses
and of course the beginning
of outlandish stiletto heels.
Loretta Young and Mareen O'hara
were two of my favorites and
were stylishly fabulous.
And in those days,  what proper young lady
would be without a delicate hanky tucked away for
tears she might shed at any given moment.
Thus the lacey hanky in the hand
of my young subject.
Interesting how she came to be, as
I never know the particulars, when I begin to draw.
She has just a hint of sadness in her eyes,
and perhaps the beginning of a tear......
Enjoying and learning about art,
and loving  all the moments.....
Have a great week!......Dee Dee