Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parrots and Pirates

Well now.... a fine old parrot,
has appeared on my paper.
A bird that has been stumbling through pots
full of paints so that his colour's
are as loud as his voice.....
Screeched, squawking blue,
a shower of shouting grating green.
He's an exploding palette of a bird,
A jabbering coloured window
With a great yellow sun struggling
to get out of him through the
joyous panes of his feathers.
~Gwyn Thomas
My first memories of the parrot....
In Robert Louis Stevenson's novel
Treasure Island,
 ( yes young ladies of my generation read this fine book.)
Long John Silver is a pirate.
Silver had a pet parrot called Captain Flint,
named  in mockery of his former captain,
often seen setting on his shoulder
where he would nibble at seeds.

Long John Silver leading Jim Hawkins...
painting by N C Wyeth
Reliving the moments a little,
as my painting conjers up sweet memories....
Blessings for you today.....Dee Dee