Sunday, January 23, 2011


They're  brother and sister....Pals.
My grandchildren, 
nearly six and eight years old,
are the oldest of the four children
belonging to our youngest daughter. 
  Both are home schooled by
their mother and father, and they love
and thrive on learning. 
 Lily (beginning to loose her baby teeth)
 loves to read, and
her siblings are grateful for this. 
The library is visited 
twice during the week.  As big sister,
she sets the standards for the other
children in the family, and is somewhat
of a little "mother hen."
In this painting, her facial expression, with
an arm placed around her brother, are
both indicative of her sweet gentle heart
and caring for him.
The mere fact that her brother allows
this, is a quiet language of his love for her.
Learning to draw and paint is especially fun
when my subjects are children.
Enjoying the moments......Dee Dee