Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Great Blue Heron

A while back, we we're  vacationing
at Bradenton Beach Florida.
A favorite place for us, 
a couple of hours drive  from our home.
As is true of most areas on  Florida's
coast, there is a thriving bird population.
Even today, I have sweet clear memories
of a particular incident we had, while fishing on
a heavily birded fishing pier.
 While catching very
little in the way of saltwater fish,
as is a usual thing,  
my interest
began drifting elsewhere. 
  I began noticing
the variety of birds, focusing  especially on a
tall  Great  Blue Heron.
I am quite sure, "dinner" was
on his mind, having no fear of us
and waiting for the "catch."
As I recall, we did eventually...
feed him, by tossing him our bait.
No fish for either of us....
but he did allow for photos
taken by me, being a good sport.
From this memory, and
in keeping with my painting theme
  for now,
I thought it a good idea
to paint the
"Great Blue Heron."
I hope you enjoy my efforts.
Blessings....Dee Dee