Friday, February 4, 2011


Big and rowdy, loud and lovely this sprawling woody vine is
wonderfully colorful wherever it is grown.  It is seen all over
my part of the country, usually draped over an arbor or
beautifully growing over a fence.  Believe it or not, it is blooming
now, in the middle of winter.
An evergreen plant, they
drop their leaves for a brief period in the winter....the
leaves are heart shaped. 
Earlier in the week, I posted about visiting a small coastal village.
While exploring  older sections, we saw streets lined with 
 bungalow homes, having  well established  tropical plants.
It was here my camera captured some very beautiful images. 
The Bougainvillea shown here, dotted with bits of Spanish Moss,
was one of my favorites.
For my family, friends...and sweet bloggy friends,
 living with all the snow,
I hope this showing of color will brighten your spirits.