Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Sunday Afternoon

We have a new park in our little town,
thanks to one Mr. C. Weaver.
After church, we popped by the
deli,  purchased sandwiches,
chips and drinks and headed out,
looking for relaxation and adventure.
We found the place, having a lovely spot
with a picnic table located in what seemed like
a bird sanctuary.  No doubt
 spring has come indeed and at last.
Birds were everywhere in the park, busy
about what it is birds do this time of year.
We watched a flurry of activities...bikers,
walkers, dogs, children and parents,
all enjoying the day, each in his own way.
It seems Mr. Weaver also donated waterfront
property,  and attached to it, a long long pier allowing
for the citizenry to stroll over the water, and
perhaps fish for food, should one desire to do so.
We made the long trek out, smiled and
greeted fellow travelers, watched as
parents, children and serious fishermen
tried their luck.
We then drove over the causeway, noting
that many others had the
same idea this beautiful warm day.
The white sailboats bobbing in the turquoise water,
  caught my attention....I took several photos,
and felt fortunate later that one was spot on.
White wasn't the only color for sailing,
we  saw bright and colorful crafts.
Although the traffic was heavy and slow, we eventually made
our way to the beach, most anxious to see the
Gulf.  It had been such a long while, it seemed.
Making our way through the sand
 and the sea grasses not surprisingly, we joined 
several hundred others, with the same intention as ours.
This, all on our Sunday afternoon.
Have a blessed week......Dee Dee