Saturday, February 26, 2011

Planting Plumerias In The Garden

Plumeria blooms grow in clusters.....
This has been a really pretty day,
one that began with my energy
level at it's peak.
A good thing, because
here in Florida,
the oak trees are shedding their
leaves.  The Mister and I  raked and gathered,
much of early morning.
In a few days, we'll have new
leaf growth covering all the branches,
showing real signs of spring.
  Today we planted a new
Plumeria plant....promising
gorgeous white blooms.
The one shown here  in the pot, is
several years old.  Odd, the nature
of this Hawaiian native. The photos are
from prior years.
The same plant is now in "stick figure form"
.....still dormant.
In a few weeks it will begin showing signs
of life.
 Today, we broke
off limbs of the plant shown here,
and simply planted  them in the ground.
No roots, no special care...but, they will grow.
As they begin showing signs of life,
 and producing leaves,
I'll snap a few pics and show
their progress here on my blog.
Think on this......
God's Great Power
When God heralds the springtime
and greens all the grasses,
Puts green leaves on bare boughs,
Grows bright flowers en masse,
Hides the darkness of Winter
Behind sunny skies,
We'll see God's great power.
~ Loise Pinkerton Fritz
I'll be mindful of these words as I watch
the Plumeria grow.
Have a blessed weekend.....Dee Dee