Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coastal Charm

Our outing yesterday to a little coastal village,
led to all sorts of discovery and fun photos. If
you ever want to see how the natives live, take
the side streets and drive slow. We had stopped
at a traffic light and I had a good long look at
this charming little coastal home.  
The front porch spoke a thousand words about
the owner. First and foremost, a Florida
Gator fan. Most likely patriotic, with
the small American Flag proudly displayed.
Lover of wind chimes...can you count them?
And, of course hanging baskets of flowers....
one very distinguished duck planter.
If you look closely, you will see a fine
old plastic owl guarding the front door.
On the door are hand painted flowers.
Something you can't see, but it's there.
"Relaxation and Happy feelings"!! 
This little yellow
porch has been  chocked full of all things
special to a very nice someone.
Enjoy your day.....Dee Dee
Click on photo twice to see great detail.