Monday, February 28, 2011

"I Stood In Amazement"

 Discovery's final launch
into space was this past Thursday, February 27, 2011,
 at the Kennedy Space Center here in Florida.
Weeks leading up to this special day, my
grandchildren, home schooled by their mother, 
 were learning all sorts of
wonderful things about space and astronauts.
Frequent visitors to the library,
a favorite  librarian, knowing of the planned field trip,
had readied twenty five books on space and
America's space program.
She had also selected an  IMAX movie on astronaut training.
Fully prepared and quite ready for the whole affair, 
the family outing was without disappointment, and the launch
went off as scheduled.
"What was it like to see the Shuttle go up into space, Lily?"
"Well, the ground shook, there was a really bright light,
and lots of smoke.  I watched  until it went into
outer space and I stood in amazement." 
"Such a big word for a little girl, I thought......"
Enjoying the moments.....