Sunday, February 20, 2011

Signs Of Spring In The Garden

The garden was alive with all sorts of birds
and critters this morning.  It is a gorgeous day,
one that makes you feel good, like you could
conquer the world.  Well, at least good for
doing a few outdoor chores.
A good day to dig a hole,
and set out that  new Rose plant. 
Somehow this time of year,
outdoor work seems more like fun.
Have you noticed that
I had company this morning? 
The "Mourning Doves"
 were curious.
 I was watching them
and they were watching me,
as a large shadow walked across the garden.
I looked up in time to see a large hawk
circling above. I thought of the little doves
and wondered  the hawks intentions.
"Find your breakfast elsewhere, I
thought to myself."
My camera captured some tiny
leaves sprouting on the neighbor's
grapefruit tree than hangs over our fence.
Hmmm....lots of different signs of spring
in the garden.
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee