Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Birdie Photo Shoot

It was cloudy and I could actually
feel the moisture in the air.  The
rain would come to
 Honeymoon Island,
 but hopefully not for a while.  
I wanted desperately
to find any form of life moving 
about, but it seemed most
 critters were tucked
away in some warm dry place.

The Mourning Doves minded little
 the mist coming in from the Gulf.
These two, paired for life, 
were napping in the dampness, sitting
on a fence rail.  We pulled the car close
to them and I began my 
"birdie photo shoot."

I had no way of knowing, of course,
but guess was this might be
the little lady..... 

and this her "partner in life."

Are they the dearest and sweetest things ever?

In these photos, the wind was coming 
in gust....fluffing the Dove couple's tiny feathers.  
In the larger photo seen here, 
the male is serenading us.  We watched 
as his throat fluttered, as he made those
sweet ole' familiar "mourning sounds".

Winter's best wishes.....Dee Dee
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