Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nandina.....Environmentally Perfect

I see Nandina plants with red
berries and delicate new leaves.
Hanging laundry early morning,
is a pleasant time for me.  I hear
the Catholic church bells ringing
out old and familiar hymns, the
bird sounds are more plentiful 
at this time, and the garden is 
just lovely to be in.

Although berries 
were plentiful on some
of the plants......

I was drawn to areas where
the plant has shed it's colorful fruit.

I've always thought it a 
blessing the Nandina plant
is environmentally perfect.......
...suited to and thriving in our Florida sandy soil
and hot climate.  Winter is when the plant 
shows off the most, producing bright
red berries and new growth.

You've found me, once again, celebrating
the beauty of nature........some of it, thankfully is
found in my cottage garden.

Have a sweet ole' day.  Dee Dee