Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snubbed By A Brown Pelican

No better place to try out my new 
camera, than down by the marina,
where I can easily find bird life.
Not to be disappointed, I found a fine
ole' brown pelican. 
While obviously preening 
himself, I was reminded  of a 
model in a photo shoot.  
With each click of the camera,
he would strike a new pose.
I once got, what I would call
his "flirty bird stare."
This guy was in continual motion, 
making one move after another. The 
shutter on my camera was smokin'......
until finally, he gave me the 
"traditional pelican pose."

Soon tiring of the whole photo shoot,
I got the "cold shoulder"......
Indeed, I was being
snubbed by a brown pelican!!

Happiest wishes for you today.....Dee Dee
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