Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink Camellias

The skies have been mostly cloudy
lately.  On this day,  the
morning light was perfect for taking
a few photos of our new Camellias.

Our tree trimmer came this
week, trimmed the fruit tree,
the tall palm trees,
and took down two of our tall
White Bird of Paradise plants.  They
were over twenty feet tall and 
a worry during hurricane season. 

Fortunately, we still have plenty of these
 "White Bird" plants,
a major part of our lush tropical garden.

Thus far, we've had a warm winter....
with no damage to flowering plants.
I'm thinking of family, friends and
bloggy friends living in colder climate.  
I hope this post with sunshine and
flowers has brightened 
your day just a little.

Winter blessings.....Dee Dee