Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beautiful Safety Harbor Florida

Famous for it's  "Resort and Health Spa"
Safety Harbor is a wonderful little
coastal town....a "jewel" in every respect.
It's charm brings me to the area often, 
with my camera in hand.  Today, was just such a day,
and I've taken some real nice photos.  

Winter months are the best of all times,
 here on Florida's Gulf coast.

If ever there's a bird around, I'll
be drawn to it's beauty.  Nesting in
the grasses, was a beautiful Pigeon
with the light shining on it's feathers
at all the right places. 

Many of the trees in the area are very old
and as you can see.....very large. They
provide much needed shade for
Florida's hot summers.

Normally a house plant, the
vine grows to enormous size. 

"Crown of Thorns" a lovely plant with
thorns on the stems..."beware."

I loved the old stone bench......and
the shape of the tree. If only the 
tree could talk we might hear some
sweet stories of yesteryear.

Another beautiful Pigeon just as curious about me
as I was about it. I just stood and admired the
colors he was blessed to wear each day.

And finally, I found a lovely place to sit and read, or
just sit and ponder one's surroundings.

I'm glad you stopped by today and
hope you come along with me tomorrow
as I show you a few more images of one
of Florida's prettiest resort towns.

Sweet blessings......Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge