Friday, January 25, 2013

Lazy Daze Of Winter

Clear skies, salty winter breezes
and all is well with my soul.
Most of the activity was happening
way up ahead, and so we 
walked the long pier.

The pier is lighted at night for 
walkers and fishermen..... 

We stood watching as these two
young men stood waiting and 
watching for schooling fish. 
The water here is clear and today
at low tide. They cast their net and
we watched as they pulled it onto
the pier.

"One Mullet" he said, and tossed the
fish into the cooler. Again they watched
and waited for more schooling fish.
We walked on down the pier. 

All was quiet at the
Safety Harbor. The weekend would
find a flurry of activity. But not today,
mid week.

These are the lazy days of winter here
on Florida's Gulf Coast.  The beaches
are swarming with "Snow Birds" visitors
from other states and many other countries.
The shops are bursting at the seams and
the mall's are packed.  Good for our
small businesses that rely on these folks
to spend their money while enjoying themselves.

We've always found it a curiosity the names
for boats.  We laughed at the one named "Puff."

"Up a lazy skies up above,
everyone's in love, up a lazy river, how
happy we'll be, up a lazy river with me!"

Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee
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